IBE deals with the definition of mitigation strategies and adaptation to global changes, and the development of sustainable systems for the use of bio-resources for food, manufacturing, construction and energy purposes. At this institute we study the primary productivity of agro-ecosystems, the protection of plant biodiversity, the sustainable use of wood and the wooden cultural heritage, the development of new technologies and methodologies for the management and collection of biomass, for the precision agriculture, the development of meteorological, oceanographic and climatological modeling and climate services, the analysis of the environmental sustainability of production processes and products and the enhancement of ecosystem services, including those of the rural, periurban and urban system. Due to the nature of the disciplines involved, the Institute of Bioeconomy is heavily involved in training, communication, dissemination and engagement activities, in the development of innovative teaching methods and in raising citizens’ awareness of issues related to the relationship between the environment, risks and technologies. and society, food security.