Do.Na.To. (Douglasiete Naturali Toscane)
The project, financed by the Tuscany Region through the P.S.R. 2014-2020, has the objective of enhancing the Tuscan Douglas fir timber and the related stands, acting on all components (nursery, genetic improvement, silvicultural management, wood production, timber trade, training,…).
Within the working group, made up of 15 public and private partners, the role of CNR-IBE is to intervene on the Douglas fir wood supply chain, introducing innovative methodologies for the qualitative selection of round wood and the sawn timber obtained from it. The expected results are:
1) increase the value of the products, both through a more careful qualification of the same and by exploiting modern and innovative commercial strategies for the sector;
2) diversify the possible commercial destinations of Douglas fir timber.

Project manager:

Dr. Michele Brunetti
michele.brunetti [ at ]

IBE’s participants al  progetto

Dr.ssa Michela Nocetti
Graziano Sani
Dr. Giovanni Aminti