III International Conference on Organic Fruit and I International Conference on Organic Vegetables – Catania 14/17 December 2021

The third edition of the International Convention on Organic Fruit and the first edition of the International Convention on Organic Vegetables will be held in Catania from 14 to 17 December. IBE CNR will be present at the conferences as co-organizer thanks to the contribution of colleagues dr.ssa Maria Grazia Melilli and dr Sergio Argento. For more information on the event, you can consult the dedicated web page Orghort 2020 – Catania (Italy), December 14th-17th 2021


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Web Conference: “Wood biomass: opportunity or problem for mitigating the climate crisis?”

A webinar on the topic”Wood biomass: Opportunity or problem for mitigating the climate crisis?” which intends to tackle the issue in a scientific way, especially for the part linked to the role of the use of wood with respect to renewable energy, mitigation and the impact in the atmosphere.
Cnr-Ibe, which together with SISEF play the role of organizers of the event, will be present through the intervention of its director Dr. Giorgio Matteucci. There will be a scientific framework session (IBE, EU-JRC, Univ. Padova, ISPRA, Georgia Tech) and a round table with representatives from the world of certification forestry, AIEL, WWF, LegaAmbiente, UNCEM, a representative of the region. Alessandra Stefani, Director General of “Forests” (MiPAAF – General Directorate of Mountain Economy and Forests) will conclude.

Participation is open to all through an obligatory reservation that can be made at the following address no later than 23/02:


The use of woody biomass to produce energy is a topic that is hotly debated both at a scientific level and at a political-cultural level.


Woody biomass currently represents the most important source of renewable energy in the EU and in Italy and represents an indispensable resource today to achieve the European objectives for “energy and climate change” which plan to rise from the current 18% of energy from renewable sources to 32% in 2030.

However, there is strong opposition to the use of this energy source or at least to its inclusion in the renewable sources category.

The main objections concern the opposition to the cutting of the forest for the direct production of biomass (fewer objections are posed to the use of biomass that come from a cascade use of the wood resource) and the worsening of air quality following the combustion of woody biomass with particular reference to the introduction of fine dust into the atmosphere.

SISEF, in its role as a scientific society of reference for forests and wood products, has organized an event to scientifically discuss

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