Final conference of the Sheep To Ship LIFE project

The final event will be held on June 10th with a Zoom conference of the Sheep To Ship LIFE project. The event, which will start at 09.30, is totally free and a simultaneous translation service will be provided in Italian and English.

Press release

The SheepToShip Life project comes to an end after five years of work.
The precise and ambitious goal has been achieved: to demonstrate how dairy sheep farming can be more sustainable from a climate and environmental point of view and, at the same time, more efficient and profitable.
In spite of the collective imagination linked to idyllic landscapes made of sheep, green pastures and blue skies, the project has quantified how, in reality, the sheep dairy sector of Sardinia, with about 3 million head and over 10 thousand active companies , contributes over 5% of the greenhouse gas emissions of Italian agriculture. On the other hand, the margins for improvement highlighted by the project are wide, thanks to specific actions to mitigate climate change, especially if accompanied by the enhancement of the important eco-systemic services offered, to which Sardinian sheep farms are structurally suited.
It starts with a 20% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions in ten years and, on a regional scale, systematizing the eco-innovation strategies set out in the Environmental Action Plan developed by SheepToShip LIFE, the climate neutrality of sheep systems Sardinia could be easily reached by 2050.
The project, carried out in the period 2016-2021 thanks to funding from the “Climate Action” sub-program of the LIFE program “Environment and climate change” of the European Union, was coordinated by the CNR IBE of Sassari and saw the participation of the University of Sassari, with the Departments of Agriculture and Economic and Business Sciences, the Agris and Laore regional agencies, and the Department of Environmental Defense of the Sardinia Region.
The reflections on the legacy that the project leaves to the Sardinia Region and the Mediterranean sheep sector, more generally, will be discussed next Thursday 10 June in the final event entitled “Sheep may safely graze, and they can help us in the challenge of climatic change”. The conference, of a popular nature, will be accessible online at the link and will allow to deepen, with both national and European industry experts, the role and opportunities that the sheep sector can play and seize in the framework of the next National Strategic Program for Rural Development and within the European strategy “From Farm to Fork” .

IX International Symposium “The Mediterranean Coastal Monitoring: Problems and Measurement Techniques”

The Institute for Bioeconomy of the National Research Council (CNR-IBE) in collaboration with the Foundation for Climate and Sustainability organizes the International SymposiumThe Mediterranean Coastal Monitoring: Problems and Measurement Techniques” to be held in Livorno in the second half of June 2022 at theNatural History Museum of the Mediterranean.
The event, now in its ninth edition, is addressed, every two years, to all scholars of the coastal areas of the coastal towns. In particular, as in previous editions, it is proposed as a place to make known the research work carried out in recent years on the theme of Mediterranean monitoring, and therefore an opportunity to present new proposals and promote actions in favor of the protection of marine and coastal environment.

The Symposium will focus on the discussion of issues related to the coastal areas of the Mediterranean and the search for technical and instrumental solutions to problems relating to energy production in the coastal area, to the morphology and evolution of the coastline, to the flora and fauna of the coastal system. , the legal and economic aspects, the management of integrated coastal protection, the geography and architecture of the coastal strip, the safeguarding and protection of cultural heritage.
The event will be divided into the following sessions:


Further information is available on the website by clicking on the following link

The Reuters Hot List: Dr. Marco Moriondo IBE on the top list of the 1000 world scientists on climate change

Reuters, one of the largest and most famous news agencies in the world, has released the list of the 1000 most important and influential climate scientists decisive for the “challenge to global warming”.
This list sees a majority presence of the best European minds within which we find as many as 20 Italian excellences. Ibe is proud of its presence within these excellences thanks to the studies and work carried out by Dr. Marco Moriondo.

the Republica newspaper pays tribute to all of them with a nice article published on their web page.

“Above all, Europe is leading with hundreds of brilliant minds the difficult fight against the greatest challenge of our times and of the future, the one against the advancing climate crisis. A Europe in which there is also a great recognition for Italy, which has about twenty “influential” scientists among the first thousand in the world, among which Massimo Tavoni is in first place among those who work and do research in Italy. Tavoni, professor of Climate Change Economics at the Politecnico di Milano, director of EIEE (RFF-CMCC) European Institute on Economics and the Environment and signature of Green & Blue with the column “A country under the microscope”. [continue reading on the Republica webpage…..]

Share the beans: a Citizen Science experiment

Science is not limited to scientists. Everyone can be involved.
Public participation in scientific research is becoming increasingly crucial to increasing everyone’s understanding of science and its benefits to society. More importantly, it advances scientific research itself. … And, likewise, plays a crucial role in INCREASE. Here, we study all the beans! The Citizen Science Experiment, conducted as part of the project, invites all interested citizens to voluntarily contribute and test an innovative decentralized approach to the conservation, multiplication and sharing of seeds in order to preserve agro-biodiversity.
All you need is a field, garden, terrace or balcony.


Starting from this month, a cycle of seminars will begin consisting of 11 meetings which will end next January 2022. During this cycle, promoted by CNR IRPPS, CNR IBE, Department of Social Sciences of the University of Naples, the University of Turin , Siena, Padua and the FIAB Research Center, the new season that THE BICYCLE is going through will be taken into consideration. On 22 p.v. the first meeting entitled “Road users, fluid and conflicting identities” will be held starting from 4 pm until 6 pm and it will be possible to follow it through the appropriate Facebook page 445013193620389 / or by registering for free on Everbrite at the web address“The need for an ecological transition towards less polluting transport models, the growing awareness of the importance of intervening to make our cities more liveable, the policy of incentives towards two-wheelers are opening, in the scenario of the pandemic, unprecedented perspectives of transformation in the models of mobility that tend to favor cycling. “