The Reuters Hot List: Dr. Marco Moriondo IBE on the top list of the 1000 world scientists on climate change

Reuters, one of the largest and most famous news agencies in the world, has released the list of the 1000 most important and influential climate scientists decisive for the “challenge to global warming”.
This list sees a majority presence of the best European minds within which we find as many as 20 Italian excellences. Ibe is proud of its presence within these excellences thanks to the studies and work carried out by Dr. Marco Moriondo.

the Republica newspaper pays tribute to all of them with a nice article published on their web page.

“Above all, Europe is leading with hundreds of brilliant minds the difficult fight against the greatest challenge of our times and of the future, the one against the advancing climate crisis. A Europe in which there is also a great recognition for Italy, which has about twenty “influential” scientists among the first thousand in the world, among which Massimo Tavoni is in first place among those who work and do research in Italy. Tavoni, professor of Climate Change Economics at the Politecnico di Milano, director of EIEE (RFF-CMCC) European Institute on Economics and the Environment and signature of Green & Blue with the column “A country under the microscope”. [continue reading on the Republica webpage…..]