Wood in Sport Equipment – Heritage, present, perspective: a new book on wood in sports have been published

The book on wood in sports has been published, edited by Francesco Negro of the University of Turin. The book is the result of the project “Wood in Sport Equipment – Heritage, present, perspective” funded in 2021 by the World Wood Day Foundation – www.worldwoodday.org.

port plays an important role in human culture. Wood has traditionally been used to make sport tools and playing courts. In some sports, such as tennis, it is nowadays outdated, but in several others it is widely used from beginner to professional level. For instance, wood is used in baseball bats, table tennis rackets, basketball courts, skis and snowboards, cycling tracks etc.

The Project, funded by the World Wood Day Foundation, aimed to publish a digital book, downloadable for free, that provides an overview on the use of wood in sport equipment.

Researchers from around the world involved in wood contributed to the book. In particular from CNR IBE, Michela Nocetti edited the chapter on Table Tennis and Michele Brunetti the one on the traditional game of balls with weight.

The book is freely downloadable from: